Social Wi-Fi Marketing

Supercharge your Guest Wi-Fi and Monetize your digital real-estate

Transform your guest Wi-Fi into a powerful social Wi-Fi marketing, research, and customer insights tool. Provide one-click access to your Wi-Fi via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and other popular social sites. Get access to guest's age, gender, interests, email, and other key attributes. Understand the demographics of your visitors and engage with them in an opt-in model. View footfall analytics by visitor type such as age group and gender by integrating with our Social Wi-Fi solution.

Engage with the right visitor at the right time. Create multi-channel marketing campaigns with email, SMS, and social posts. Use rule-based marketing platform for real-time personalized communication.

The future of Social Wi-Fi Marketing delivered

Provide your visitors with effortless sign-in and a frictionless experience.

etronics Social Wi-Fi Marketing

Social Wi-Fi can be used for

Hotels & Cafes

Give your customers an easy to use guest Wi-Fi with our social logins.

Camping Grounds

Monitize your Wi-Fi by offering a paid network. Collect payments by automatically processing credit cards or selling vouchers.


Build your brand audience by collecting guest details. Create an organically growing email list.

Easily manage your hotspot with Social Wi-Fi

etronics manage your hotspot with Social Wi-Fi

Guest WI-FI & social login

Customer demographics & marketing

Provide Wi-Fi to your guests, easy login with facebook, twitter, email, and other popular social media accounts.

Gather business insights and maintain customer information.

Customer demographics & marketings

Understand customer behaviour, age and gender demographics. See what your customers are interested in.

Develop customer relationships. Offer targeted campaigns via SMS and email.



Google Ads

Use Google's advertising platform in order to promote your business or product by displaying ads to people who log into your Social Wi-Fi venue

Facebook Pixel

Display relevant ads on social media even after your visitors leave your venue thanks to Social Wi-Fi's integration with Facebook Pixel.


Analytics are a crucial component of Social Wi-Fi. Getting to know who your customers are and how to best approach them vital to any line of business.

etronics crucial component of Social Wi-Fi

The best hosted hotspot solution out there!

Since its first release in 2015. Social Wi-Fi has been used by small and large organizations. We are working to continuously improve the software by adding new features and fixing issues.

etronics best hosted hotspot solution

Your data belongs to you

   Your data rights stay with you
   We do not share data that belongs to you
   We do not resell data that belongs to you

etronics Your data belongs to you

Supported Devices

Installing Social Wi-Fi is not challenging, no matter how big your network is. With many of the major hardware vendors, it's possible to enable Social Wi-Fi directly on the equipment. In instances when that is not possible, you simply add one extra router to your venue's network.

etronics supprted devices - ubiquiti networks
etronics supprted devices - Mikrotik
etronics supprted devices - Ruckus wireless
etronics supprted devices - cisco Meraki
etronics supprted devices - aruba
etronics supprted devices - openmesh

Cloud Backup Personal Plans

Cloud Backup Personal Plans
   Unlimited Visitors
   Email Login
   Facebook Login
   Voucher Login
   SMS Login (Including SMS Credits)
   Export data in CSV
   Google Login
   Instagram Login
   LinkedIn Login
   LDAP Login
   Payment Login
   Export to other services
   Support via Email
   Monthly software updates
   Landing page advertisements
   Custom Client Permissions
   Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi Device
   Support & Maintenance
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