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About 3CX

3CX is a software-based PBX, which not only replaces proprietary phone systems, it also delivers a complete Unified Communications solution as it's an open standards software IP PBX

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Why 3CX PBX Phone System?

Unlimited Extensions

CRM Integration

Auto Attendant / IVR

Voice Mail

Call Recording

Call Accounting

Paging & Intercom

Scales Seamlessly

Missed Call

Enterprise-Grade, friendly on the budget

In Built Chat
(Live Chat & Facebook)

Web Conferencing / Video Meetings

Remote Working
with 3CX App

Effortless User & System Management

3CX App for
(Windows | Android | iPhone | Web Client)

Software PABX Enabling on cloud or on-Premises Installation

Superior Call Center Features
(Queues, Whisper, Barge, Reporting)

3CX Integration Tools

3cx integrated tools
  • Save up to 80% on monthly PBX fees. Free for unlimited users!
  • Configure 3CX in minutes using the setup wizard.
  • Plug & play with supported IP phones.
  • Save thousands on calls with your choice of SIP trunk.
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3CX - Your Unified Communications Solution Made Easy

No matter how big or small your company is, the right Unified Communications solution can take your business communications to the next level, helping to improve collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience. 3CX's UC functionality is inbuilt and included as standard on-premise or in the cloud, all on one user-friendly platform - no need to purchase add-ons or extras.

3With 3CX's modern, intuitive VoIP soft phone and smartphone apps, users have instant access to communication tools such as status, instant messaging, web conferencing, the ability to chat & talk with website visitors, fax & voicemail to email and more.

See the Status of Your Colleagues

The ability to view the status of other colleagues is a great time saver, avoiding unnecessary call transfers or voice mail tags, and makes managing and working with remote employees easier than ever. Need some quiet time to finish a project? Customize your status and prevent any annoying disturbances.

  • Eliminate expensive voice mail tags
  • Avoid unnecessary transfers of phone calls that irritate customers
  • Visible from all Apps: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android & web
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Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to Inbox

Inbound faxes are converted to PDF and forwarded to users via e-mail, without requiring any fax server software. Likewise, voicemails are converted to sound files and forwarded via e-mail.

  • Forward voicemails to inbox
  • Listen to voicemails without calling in
  • Faxes are received as PDF files in your email

Instant Messaging / Text chat

Allow employees to communicate together via text messaging, without the need to rely on third party internet messaging systems or give out personal phone numbers. 3CX users can send and receive text messages via the 3CX web, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps from anywhere - a true unified communications solution!

  • Chat with website visitors, real-time
  • Send text messages, links and more at no additional cost
  • Available on web, Mac, Windows, iOS & Android apps
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Click to Call from Any Browser or CRM

With the 3CX Click to Call extension for Chrome and Firefox you can make calls directly from any browser or CRM via the 3CX Web Client. Make outbound calls with a single click of the mouse and eliminate the need to copy and paste numbers.

  • Automate tedious and time-consuming workflow processes for staff
  • Phone number detection - Detect international or all phone numbers
  • Highlighted contacts - Numbers are identified and underlined

Customer Service with Contact / Call Center Software

3CX offers advanced call center features for maximum employee productivity and enhanced customer service. Make sales, offer support, resolve issues and build customer relationships using the latest in unified communications and call center technology.

With the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin your agents can chat, video and call with your website visitors in real-time for a truly seamless customer experience.

3CX ensures that your employees can work more efficiently, track their progress and provide valuable interactions that your customers will remember.

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Never Miss a Call - Advanced Contact Center Reporting

Traditional proprietary PBX's with call center functionality have proven to be either too expensive or difficult to set up. 3CX resolves this issue with 3CX PRO. Simple, intuitive call center management offers the information required to monitor call queues in real-time, ensuring that not a single inbound call is lost.

  • Integrated Wallboard for real-time monitoring
  • Detailed reports of longest wait time and abandoned calls
  • SLA and Callback Statistics
  • Call Back option for customers not willing to wait

Advanced Queue Strategies and Real-Time Statistics

3CX call center software ensures you provide your customers with quality service, and that your agents always reach their targets. Check the average and longest waiting times as well as the least talk time to guarantee no customer leaves your call center unsatisfied.

  • Log agents in and out of queues
  • Hunt by Threes - Random & Prioritized
  • Call Back - callers can hang up and keep their position
  • Round Robin
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Superior Call Center Features Included

3CX PRO provides you with all the tools you need to review your agents' performance. Answered calls, abandoned calls, average longest waiting time and more are all within easy reach, allowing you to ensure that your call center is running smoothly at any given time.

  • Listen in allows you to listen to a call without the caller or agent knowing
  • Train new agents during a live call with the whisper function
  • Live chat & talk with your website visitors
  • Agents making a mess of a call? Use Barge in to take over

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3CX WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp integration enables your agents to send a reply to WhatsApp messages directly from 3CX. WhatsApp messages are delivered into the same chat panel as live chat, SMS, and Facebook messages making replying to multiple channels simple.

You must have a WhatsApp Business Platform account set up with a phone number added.

be registered to any other existing WhatsApp account, whether it be virtually or on any physical device. If you want to use a number that is already set up on WhatsApp, you have to delete the account first. Read more here

3cx whatsapp integration

WhatsApp Integration Guide

  • Step 1: Create WhatsApp application
  • Step 2: Set up an Admin role
  • Step 3: Generate a new token
  • Step 4: Configure in 3CX
  • Step 5: Configure your webhook in WhatsApp
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